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I love having long, beautiful nails!

I'm a 74 year-old widow and have never been able to have long fingernails. I raised 8 children, worked on the farm with my husband and worked fulltime in an office. My natural nails never had a chance. Even in retirement, I am very physically active. My home has a large yard in which I do a lot of the maintenance and landscaping so my nails still take a beating. On top of that, the fingernails of my ring fingers have always been weak in the center and have never grown even as long as the others.

I've been using the Personal Salon for about two months. Just a few weeks ago, when I went to my hair stylist, she was amazed at the length of my nails, even called Connie, the cosmetologist who usually does most of the nail work in her shop, over to look at them. She wanted to see how it worked for herself so I offered to do a demonstration for her. When I went back to show her, right then and there, she asked me to get her a kit so she could use it for herself and asked about the possibility of selling the kits in her shop.

I love having long, beautiful nails! I'd recommend the product to anyone, especially women who work with their hands a lot or who have problem nails.

Darlene (Iowa)

I'd recommend to anyone with problem nails!

I'm a 75-year-old retired nurse and nurse administrator. I've never been able to grow long fingernails. In fact, in order to keep them from splitting and tearing, I used to have to put on FOUR fresh coats of nail polish every week and then put on a clear coat every night.

I started using the Personal Salon about 6 weeks ago and am thrilled with the results. My nails are long, strong and beautiful. An added bonus: I caught one of my nails a few weeks ago and heard a pop. I thought, "There it goes. I lost the nail." but was pleased to find that, as I was told would happen, the Clear Diamond Overlay had cracked (to keep the nail bed from being damaged) and had left the nail intact. I did a quick repair and, as the company claims, you can't even see where the crack was. I'd recommend the product to anyone with problem nails.

Ljl (Iowa)

It's so much fun having beautiful nails!

I'm a 44 year old mother of four children and co-owner of a chiropractic clinic. With my hectic lifestyle, I don't have the time to keep my nails looking the way I'd like them to look. One of our patients was raving about a new fingernail product she'd tried. When I commented on her nails, she offered to show me the system. The timing was perfect.

The day after she did a manicure for me, I was to attend a wedding, When my sister climbed in the car to ride with me, right away she noticed my hands. She was amazed at how beautiful my nails looked.

I would recommend the Personal Salon to anyone. It's so much fun having beautiful nails!

Stephanie (Iowa)

I have not had ANY of those issues!

Thank you for introducing me to this product. I love it and have been very pleased with the outcome. I was frustrated in keeping up with acrylic nails, especially in the summer months when I dealt with a lot of lifting and separating due to being in the water (swimming) and using lotions. I finally had given up and was on my way to not bothering maintaining my nails with the acrylic any longer. With your product, I have not had ANY of those issues!

I have been doing my own acrylics for about 20 years now and find this product to be just as easy if not easier to apply and maintain as the acrylic products. And, it does not SMELL!!! I spend about the same time with filling the nails (and putting them under the UV light), but I spent a whole lot less time prepping before the fill and less time filing/shaping after the file.

I have never done my nails with a French manicure because I did not like seeing any imperfections from the fill lines with acrylic nor the yellowing as it aged. With this product, I do not have any fill lines showing through and no yellowing. I have been playing with different techniques for maintaining the white tips, but that is only to find the quickest and most convenient way that works for me and my abilities.

Overall, I am so happy we connected when we did. The timing was perfect and I am very excited about this product and that I am able to keep my nails 'pretty' without too much fuss and all the damaging chemicals.

Thanks again,
Kellene (California)

Dries evenly with no bumps or ridges!

I recently tried Personal Salon for the first time and can't tell you how pleased I am with the results. I have to keep my nails short because they are prone to splitting. I have tried everything in the past to make my nails more beautiful: acrylics, gels, layers of polish. But nothing worked. Acrylics were painful, expensive to keep up, ruined my nails, and I just didn't like the look. Gels were hard to apply, and nail polish chipped easily and had to be redone every few days. I just didn't have the time! So a few years ago, I basically gave up on trying to have beautiful nails.

Then I tried Personal Salon. I was highly skeptical prior to using the product, but I found it really did come through on all of its claims. It was almost fool proof to apply, and the results are stunning. I was most impressed by the self-leveling aspect of the Clear Diamond Overlay- the product goes on smooth and dries evenly with no bumps or ridges! It is a salon quality result in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Finally I have beautiful nails! I will be recommending this product to all of my friends and family.

Thank you.
Ali (Las Vegas)

Even with the cast on my right hand!

I have been using Personal Salon for about six weeks. Every time I do a fill, it gets easier and easier! I recently had hand surgery (carpel tunnel and thumb joint repair) that required a week in a thick Ace bandage, then a week later a cast was put on and will have to stay on for a month. I thought I would have to go five weeks or more without doing my nails.

It is now 11 days since the surgery. I tried to do a fill last night and found that I could do it, even with the cast on my right hand. (I am right handed) I am delighted with my nails since I have been using Personal Salon.

I also want to mention that I had to remove the overlay on one nail for the surgery, so the anesthesiologist could watch the nail color for oxygen flow. I found out that my "naked" nail did not hurt at all. In the past when I've had to take artificial (both gel and acrylic) nails off, what was left of my nails was so damaged that my nails literally hurt. I do not have any discomfort in that nail at all this time because no damage had been done to it.

I think that if you can polish your nails, you can use Personal Salon with success. I will recommend Personal Salon to everyone!

Ann (Wisconsin)

The strength to play finger-style guitar!

This is a really great product. I play finger-style guitar, which is my reason for wanting strong nails. As I have gotten older, I find that my nails wear away faster than I can grow them.
Nails Strong enough to play guitar
Last night I played hard for a couple of hours--there was no discernible wear on the nails I had done! [Ray added length to his nails] This is amazing to me--I have tried acrylic nails and every nail hardener and polish product I could find for years, and nothing has ever held up like this product.

Best of luck and prosperity with your new product--it is a great product.
Ray (Washington)

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