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Nail Cleanse

The Personal Salon Nail Cleanse is a custom formulation which is an anhydrous (water-free) cleanser and sanitizer, and is a critical factor in achieving optimum bonding.

It is imperative that you always and only use Personal Salon Nail Cleanse when preparing your nails for applying Protein Bond. Use of any other product for this purpose will significantly diminish adhesion.

Protein Bond

The Personal Salon Protein Bond is a proprietarily made bonding product which is a revolutionary part of being able to acheive the organic molecular bonding that is unique to the Personal Salon Nail System. It provides the most durable, longest-lasting adhesion available to your nails without damaging the underlying nail structure.

The Personal Salon Protein Bond is NOT a primer and does not contain acid, nail-primer chemicals, volatile methacrylates or acrylate monomers.

Protein Bond forms a powerful, organic protein bond at the molecular level with the natural proteins of the nail. This molecular protein bond is technically referred to as an "organic covalent bond" which produces one of the strongest bonds known in organic chemistry. This bond links up with the Personal Salon Clear Diamond Overlay when cured under the Bonding Lamp to make a bond that holds securely to your nails!

Clear Diamond Overlay

The Personal Salon Clear Diamond Overlay (CDO) is the primary product that hardens under UV light to protect and add length to your nails. The beautiful Clear Diamond Overlay cures with a Natural Glossy Shine. And because it self levels, it is easy to apply!

Clear Diamond Overlay is result of years of cutting-edge polymer synthesis research. Unlike other nail products, CDO and all Diamond Overlays are custom-engineered at the molecular level to produce the toughest, high-density polymer protection for your nails. CDO is clear, glossy, and has a viscosity similar to honey. Clear Diamond Overlay is safer than acrylics and typical ges and is formulated to be non-irritating.

When used with Protein Bond, Clear Diamond Overlay provides maximum adhesion to the natural nail with unmatched strength and durability for the hard feel you want and with a tough semi-rigid flexibility to resist cracking. Simply apply with the Applicator Brush easy as nail polish. CDO self-levels in seconds for a gorgeous clear shine.

Immensely versatile, you can apply your favorite nail polish over the bonded CDO and have it last for weeks! Remove nail polish without affecting your CDO-strengthened nails and reapply another color if you like. You can shape your nails, easily build an arch for your nails, lengthen them with nail extension forms, apply nail art, stickers and studs, even mix powder pigments right into the CDO for your own custom-colors, creating nail design and nail art that is uniquely yours!

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