Instructions to protect your nails from cracking and breaking so they can grow long and beautiful.  Just 3 Easy Application Step!
Instructions to add length to your nails using dual forms.
Instructions to add length to your nails using traditional forms.

Diamond Overlay Nails - Just 5 Easy Steps!

Guaranteed beautiful results, At Home - without harsh chemicals used by Acrylic and Gel nails!

Home Nail Care Step 1
1) Prepare
Home Nail Care Step 2
2) Clean
Home Nail Care Step 3
3) Protein Bond
Home Nail Care Step 4
4) Diamond Overlay
Home Nail Care Step 5
5) UV Bond
Beautiful Nails Step 1

Step 1: Prepare Your Nails

  1. Start:

    Start with clean, dry nails free of polish.
  2. Cuticle:

    Use the cuticle stick to push back the cuticle.
  3. Buff & File:

    Use the shaping file and buffing block to file your nails to the desired shape and buff the nails. Be sure to remove any excess cuticle with the block in a back and forth motion, and remove all shine from the nail. Wipe off any dust with a clean, dry paper towel.
Beautiful Nails Step 2

Step 2: Cleanse Your Nails

  1. Cleanse:

    Place a drop or two of anti-microbial Nail Cleanse on each nail and thoroughly clean with an applicator swab.
  2. Protect:

    Close the Nail Cleanse immediately after use and do not allow anything to touch the nails prior to Step Three.
  3. Note:

    Steps Two-Five are done three times: First complete steps Two-Five for four fingers of one hand, repeat steps Two-Five for four fingers of other hand, then repeat steps Two-Five on thumbs.
Beautiful Nails Step 3

Step 3: Apply the Protein Bond

  1. Dip:

    Dip a clean dry applicator swab straight into the Protein Bond and close the bottle.
  2. Apply bond:

    Rub the Protein Bond onto the nail plate, covering the entire nail, so the nail is wet without being soaked.
Beautiful Nails Step 4a Beautiful Nails Step 4b Beautiful Nails Step 4c

Step 4: Apply the Overlay

  1. Dip:

    Doing one nail at a time, dip the applicator brush into the CDO and apply a medium size bead to the center of the nail. Close the lid of the CDO, keeping it away from light.
  2. Apply:

    Use the applicator brush to push the CDO near to the cuticle and to the sides and end of the nail. CDO is a revolutionary self-leveling product and can be guided by turning your hand to direct the product on the nail. Place the brush between a piece of tinfoil and remove from light.
  3. Form Nail:

    Form the nail and remove brush strokes by turning your hand upside down for 10 seconds.
  4. Remove Excess:

    Remove excess CDO from skin and cuticle using the cuticle stick.
  5. Flash Bond:

    Using the bonding lamp, quick set the nail for one second, then remove for five seconds. Repeat this four times. Remove finger immediately if you feel a warming sensation, stop, remove the nail and let dry for a few seconds before continuing.
  6. Repeat (if desired):

    If you want a thicker application, you can repeat steps A-E.
Beautiful Nails Step 5

Step 5: Cure Nails with UV Bond

  1. Finish Bonding:

    When you complete steps 2-4 on all four fingers (or two thumbs), cure the nails at the same time. Place fingers 8-10 inches under the bonding lamp. Slowly lower the hood.
  2. Leave your fingers in the center of the bonding lamp under the lowered hood for 90 seconds. If product is still tacky, repeat at 60-second intervals.
  3. If necessary, remove excess cured CDO with the White Shaping File.
  4. Clean the skin and cuticle with the Nail Cleanse and a clean dry applicator swab.
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